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Stable Soul Health 

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DH is thrilled to be partnering with the INCREDIBLE team at Soul Health...for wholistic riding programs here at the Ranch 

Cori is a dynamic, enthusiastic teacher volunteer and now facilitator.  

Cori has been working with individuals and groups for 20+ years.  Through yoga, fitness, reiki and recreational programming, Cori has been able to integrate her lifetime experiences, family & personal passions into her professional offerings.  She has a creative knack for challenging her students physically, mentally & emotionally yet still inspiring an ultimate intention of empowerment and personal growth.  

Horses have always been like stars for Cori.  always present, guiding, illuminating and inspiring her...also very much out of reach.  Horse camp was the one time a year Cori was able to be with horses; all her Health programs have a thread of her youthful equine heart's desire woven into what she extends to others.  

Stable Soul Health programs have been developing over the past 7 years - the catalyst being Shooter. Cori's OTTB companion horse & the new equine community Cori has joined has gifted her with many new teachers and many unique oppoutunities for sharing.  Chakra walks with the horses, grazing meditations and archetypal observations of herd dynamics, all translating to workplace and social culture.  

Meeting the Doyle family and a home for Cori to offer equine assisted yoga therapy through meditation, reiki and interspieceis connections is in alignment with her intention to give others the oppourtunity to feel Stable Soul Health withing themselves, too.

We are thrilled to have Cori as part of the journey here at Discovering the Horse

For more information/to register for SSH please CLICK HERE 

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