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Child Loss Connections

In 1997 DH owners Bryanne and Kevin lost their first born daughter, Mercedes, shortly after birth with no concrete medical reason as to why.  For the past years they have battled with varying issues due to the loss of their daughter.  Today they bring forward this Connection Series aimed at providing a support group for parents who grieve not only infant and pregnancy loss, but for parents greiving child loss of all ages.  

Join them for a unique support group among the horses.  Our evening will begin with a sharing circle among the herd, we will be seated in the main pasture, welcoming horses to join as we speak about our angels, and share our stories and theirs.  We will welcome special guests with varying gifts to offer, and for those wishing to horses will be available to groom and walk as we close each night.

Meeting ONCE (1) monthly...the 3rd SUNDAY of each month starting in November 2021 at 4:00 pm


There is no charge, although donations to our children's riding program will be accepted. 


Maximum 12 participants per evening. 


CALL 403-542-4038 to Register

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DISCLAIMER - Please note this program is NOT medical therapy or psychotherapy in any forms.  DH owners, staff and volunteers are not medical professionals and should not be seen as such.  This program and others like it should not be used as alternative to professional medical assistance, mental or marital counselling.  This is a tool intended for self help only.  All participants will be required to sign waivers of liability relating to this statement.  Those requiring medical assistance should and will be directed to family physicians, accredited psychologists and or calling 911 if emergent.  Please do not hesitate to seek medical advice for trauma DH can be helpful as a guide to local emergent care, shelter and other professional centres should participant need arise.  

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