Connective Riding

Our background taught us the value of riding bareback to help enhance the connection between horse and rider. Lessons are aimed to teach the rider as much about themselves as it will about their horse.
We combine the wisdom of former teachers, the knowledge of current mentors, with desire and curiosity about trust based riding to open endless possibility within the relationship of horse and rider. 
No saddle means we can hear the energy of the horse, feel their movement and learn to sit in the horse rather then on.  With better contact we can learn to speak the language of the horse and better interpret their needs. 
Once we start to understand the energetic approach, we add aids and challenges, always advancing the relationship at the pace-of horse and rider.  Never sacrificing one over the other it's our goal to have a balance between the emotional/energetic connection/spiritual riding with technical understanding and mechanics of how to ride your horse, not just stay on.  We happily support any all dreams!!



Side affects of this type of horsemanship...increased self love, happiness, positive outlook and over all higher self worth.



Taught one on one, each rider is paired with a Side Kick that acts as a personal coach, teacher, safety supervisor and friend. 


Our program is customized to their age, ability and style of learning.  Each class consists of grooming, tacking and riding in either the field of arena.  

Foundational riding is mixed with horse knowledge, riding games and techincal elements.

Riders follow our custom "Discovery Levels" and practice elements of care in preparation for our year end Rider Showcase that takes place in June of each riding season.


Taught in a group setting supported with limited Side Kicks on the ground and on horseback.  Designed to be an independant riding class, participants will groom, tack and ride independantly.

Foundational riding with a focus on deeper technical and riding elements. 

Riders will follow our custom "Discovery II Levels" and prepare elements for our year end Rider Showcase that takes place in June of each riding season.  

Discovery Level/Advanced Riding

Designed for those looking to delve into deeper foundation and technical riding, this class is taught by our trainer Matthew and may include off property riding.  

Haul in is welcome and classes are limited to 4.  There are no Side Kicks in this class so riders should come with previous riding experience or have been invited to attend.  

These classes are $45.00 per hour, minimum 5 ride commitment. 



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