"Matthew Doyle worked with my young and very large TB for almost a year. Matt implemented a consistent and progressive program of horsemanship, and even though working with him only about 3 days per week, the progress was terrific! With Matt's work, the young reactive horse became relaxed and confident, his basic skills and education were expanded and strengthened both on the ground and under saddle. Matt is very skillful, but also patient and thoughtful in working with horses, so he enables them to develop correctly in a positive way. These same qualities also benefit the human students, and Matt is an excellent communicator, which is so essential in teaching people to ride and work with horses." - Susan Bercha, Cochrane, AB 

"Mathew (Matt) Doyle is a very gifted, passionate horseman and human being. His energy is calming yet confident around my horse Fleetwood. We both trust and respect Matt. I love how easily he expresses himself with horses and people, a real pleasure to be around. I am very excited to be a part of his journey with horses and can’t wait to see him grow and soar!"

Deb Beynon - Rocky View, AB 

"Matthew is a patient and intuitive trainer and teacher. He can see into the heart of the situation for both horse and rider. This insight, combined with a depth of skill and knowledge, enables you and your horse to grow and deepen their partnership.

If you want to expand your understanding of the horse, improve your leadership, and create an amazing partnership with your horse, I highly recommend working with Matt."


Jan Hornford - Calgary, Alberta 


"October 2018

What can say about this young man except that I can’t believe that I am part his incredible journey to be a horse trainer, not that he isn’t a horse trainer now but like all of us, we are always learning – horses encourage that on a regular basis.

I met Matthew six years ago at Eagle Feather Riding. He was a friendly, helpful teenager who loved his horse – in fact all horses!

I was a newbie at this horse thing at 62 and can’t believe I waited so long! I learned to ride bareback and then 3 years later, bought my own horse, a six year old gelding.

Matthew was just getting into mentorship with Josh Nichol to be a horse trainer and I needed help. After being bucked off twice the next two years, while in a saddle, I was wondering if I would ever ride again, I had no confidence in myself or my beloved Shiloh. Enter – Matthew to the rescue!

Matthew has worked with me and my horse for three years now. He has not only taught me how to ride with confidence but more importantly, how to have a relationship with my horse on the ground first, and then on his back. It was a journey, and continues to be, learning what Shiloh’s needs and fears are, how he processes them and how we can help him. Matt has taught me so much about softness, awareness, slowness and listening not only to your horse but in all things in life. All this from a young man who just turned 20!

He has an inherent ability to adapt his techniques to best match the unique characteristics of any given horse, always achieving results with patience and time.

He has a natural talent for communicating with horses and always has a positive note for every situation. He has a very calming effect on me and my horse.

He is able to clearly state his ideas and instructions in a way you easily understand. He believes in his horses and students.

He teaches at a pace that suits us and allows me to ask as many questions as I want and he makes sure I always understand what he is saying or demonstrating.

He is generous with his time and always is available to answer any of my questions or help with any needs I may have.

I thank him for helping me overcome my fears and teaching me all the great things about horses and what they have to give us. His enthusiasm and encouragement got me past what I saw as  stumbling blocks but were really just little bumps on the trail. He has the unique ability to combine his love and knowledge and teach it to his students, both equine and human.

Matthew – my friend, my trainer, my hero!"


       Melodie McBeath

       Calgary, Alberta

Matt & Shiloh.jpg