"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" - Helen Keller

When we think about Helen Keller think about what comes to mind...was it the movie with Ann Bancroft?  Yes me think deeper...imagine Helen's world...dark, quiet, confusing, frustrating, isolated.  Do you agree?  

Enter Ann Sullivan.  

Ann was not just her teacher, she was her voice, her eyes and her ears, Ann became Helens connection to the world around her, her interpreter, her safe space to learn, try, fail and succeed.  Ann did this without judgement, without bias or malice.  She worked in the moment, holding space with Helen, allowing Helen to become all that she could be.  Through it Helen learned to communicate her words are still here guiding those through written word and inspiration.  

What in the world does that have to do with horses?  Horses, act in the same way for humans as Ann.  They hold space for us, accepting who we are.  They help us interpret ourselves.  The space around them is judgement free, they have no malice or bias.  They allow us to work on ourselves to become all that we can be, setting the stage for us to become the inpiration of our own story.  

At DH we are thrilled to be offering our "Connections" Series of Equine Riding.  These 6 week programs will offer participants the chance to step onto a path of self guided wellness focusing on Couples, Ladies and Greving Parents. 


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