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Our Core Values


Shared accountability for providing, safe, judgement free horse encounters, doing no harm to our clients.  Measuring ourselves to high standards of quality and value out of respect for the horse and the humans.

Striving to be true to our word, by acting with integrity and morality to become a trusted partner with equines and humans


Keep learning, from all sources.  Take what you can and add it to your tools for better life, sense of self and better world. 


Listen and accept others, hear the hearts of all those around you creating an open mind through recognition of the strengths in others, asking for help when needed


Our passion for discovering is equal between ourselves and the horse.  Finding ways to make connections, seeking changes for the betterment of community, clients, family and friends is our purpose.  

Our passion fuels our commitment to energize, engage and inspire.


Being the right fit for each other to help meet a common goal.  

Meeting like-minded professionals, practitioners, speakers, presenters and volunteers, collaborating to provide a cohesive environment where owners, riders, coaches, sidekicks and clients walk united in purpose


Trusting the process and recognizing that this is a journey.  Holding on when the ride gets rough, let go of that which doesn't serve and never give up. 

Being patient to accept the journey and to know that even when we want to, quitting is not the answer.


Goodwill becomes contagious.  Helping others along the way doesn't only affect the giver, but the receiver, the community and the globe.  

When we receive we give, when we learn we teach, when at the top help the next one in line.  

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