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The DH Team

The Doyle Family

Together we run Discovering the Horse, a place where you can come as you are and find the path to your best self.    Since we began in 2018 we  have been on a journey of discovering our path, our horses and ourselves.  With horses and people as are our passion we have been  proudly teaching riding in the area for well OVER a decade we are excited to be out on our own, sharing the foundation that helps us stay strong.  We believe that there are many approaches to horsemanship and we are proud to present ours.  We believe in the power of determination and togetherness.  It's because of this that we work as a tight knit team, bringing our best to every encounter. 

As a family we live by our motto....

Doyle Family.jpg

We may not have it all together...
but together we have it all...

Our Staff

Leanne - Art Director
We met the INCREDIBLE Leanne in 2010 and have been working with her on various endeavours ever since.  Leanne is a major asset to the DH team in ways that can't be described.  Her warm, calm, welcoming nature is unlike any other, she truly lives believing in everything good.  A gifted Artisan, when we began to integrate art into our camps, team building and ladies nights she was glad to join the team...officially and become the DH Art Director.  Everything she touches turns to magic and every encounter leaves you smiling and feeling like you've known her for a lifetime.   When not horsing around you can find Leanne on the parade route with "The Wildies" a local parade group that DH is proud to be a part of, to support and participate in.  


Hannah - Lesson Assistant 
Hannah was looking to get back into horses and came out to see what DH was all about...loved us...and stayed.  Eager to learn, reliable and caring, happily in June 2022 she accepted a part time position as a lesson assistant and we are so blessed to have her.  Hannah is the EXACT person that DH needs, her passion and love for children is incredible.  Her genuine nature mixed with her responsible approach to DH makes her not only the perfect camp "littles wrangler" but when Hannah is here we know she has the best interest of DH at heart. 

When not horsing around at DH Hannah is a busy University student preparing to take on the world and be anything that she can be, she's the type of person that has the world not only in her hands but in her heart.  

Sarah- Lesson Assistant 
Sarah answered our add for a trainer, and even though not a match for that position, Sarah came for an interview and stole our hearts.  Sarah has a calm and warm nature that is perfect for the kids here at DH.  She really began to shine during our 2022 year end celebration.  It was then that we saw that Sarah had versitile talents that were unexpected. Organized and focused she was able to manage the prectices and the rehearsals with presicion and firm, but fair demeanor.  Her respect for DH is unparalleled and she is eager to learn.  From the moment she is paired with a rider the bond is obvious and we know that we have a diamond on our team. 

When not horsing around at DH, Sarah is a busy mom of two beautiful daughters and a GORGEOUS Gypsy Vanner gelding.



Jr Lesson Assistants
New here at DH we are taking our in house leadership to a new level.  With bringing on 3 youths as Jr. Lesson Assistants we are giving back to some riders by employing them sometimes for the first time.  As a Jr Lesson Assistant they are tasked with ranch chores, catching horses, grooming and catching in preparation for lessons.  During lessons they work with our team to ensure that riders have the safest, happiest ride that we can provide. 

We are proud to introduce our Jr Dream Team Livia and sure to say hi!  


Livia and "Prince"


Ariel and "Romeo"

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