Meet the Doyle Family

Together we run Discovering the Horse, Notso Rustic Ranch and Rusty Hill Equine Centre.  Horses and people are our passion.  Proudly teaching riding in the area for OVER a decade we are excited to be out on our own, sharing the foundation that helps us stay strong. 

As a family we live by our motto....

We may not have it all together...but together we have it all...

About Matthew

Matthew has been riding since 2009, it would be a city kid wearing  running shoes  skater shorts, that would drag his Mum to the Mane Event in Red Deer.  There we met a man, Josh Nichol.  Taking Josh's hand and shaking it, Matthew proclaimed, "Mr Nichol, I'm going to be just like you one day"

A shy, and extremely private child, Matthew was a quick target of school bullies.  For him, living with learning disability and socio-emotional issues, Matthew would come to see the dark side of friends, teachers and other trusted people.  Never wavering, Matthew always see the bright side of life, adapts and moves on.  


Matthew has a passion for helping horses and their humans learn to communicate.  His method of teaching is through clinics, small group and one on one training.  He works with both horse owners and non-horse owners as a guide to help clients navigate the world by understanding common pressures, energy and space.  His practices are an emulation of his Mentor, mixed in with his developing ideas.  Always wondering what would happen if we tried this or that, his curiosity about horses equals his curiosity about his clients and himself.  

 Matthew takes great pride in being one of the youngest participants to be selected for Mentor-ship under Josh Nichol - one of Canada's premier horse trainers, with whom he continues to train on an annual basis.  

When not training or riding Matthew can be seen hiking, playing guitar, hanging with his family or training his dog "Bear".  

About Bryanne

The road to get here hasn't been an easy road.  Fear, anxiety, loss have all shaped who I am today.  Learning to choose to love regardless of what happens to us is the toughest thing that I have ever done.  Riding,  for the first few years I simply stayed on, since 2010, I can say I did it for my kids.  But after the past decade and all the twists and turns, I can honestly say there were days I didn't think I would make it.  Thanks to the team around me I'm no longer the terrified woman I was, today I'm strong capable and ready to take on life in the saddle by storm.   Our program is the result of 10 years learning who to be and more important who NOT to be.  

I'm very passionate to partner with my horses to show you how they changed my life.  They have given me purpose, they breathe new life into my broken soul, filling the cracks with radiant glowing light.  I'm looking forward to our riding lesson program because it's a way for me to pay forward all the kindness and support that I've been given on my journey.   I'm excited to welcome people of all ages and level of riding onto this path and joining the journey to self care, acceptance and love.  

When I'm not "horsin' around", I'm usually out at one of my boarding locations or getting into shenanigans with my family and friends.  I want to thank my husband for the years of putting up with my seeking and self discovery.  It has been a very long road that has been filled with twists and turns, but I couldn't be half the woman I am today if you weren't at my you babe

About Kevin

Kevin is at the heart of the family always willing to work hard and learn how to do projects from fencing to buying hay.  We are pretty sure that he wakes up daily wondering how he got here.  

Kevin is an incredible author with one novel under his belt, another in the works and a graphic novel series .  He keeps the family together with his calm nature and his incredible sense of humour.  

Kevin happily teaches lessons and is a brilliant teacher.  Students learn how to be calm and they are fast to adopt his confidence.  The perpetual "dad" he's always there to crack a joke, fix a fench, tie a shoe and offer a hand up. 


Kevin is a true gift to our program, an amazing husband and the best Dad who can actually'll have to sign up for lessons to hear that story 

About Spencer 

Spencer is the humour of the operation.  His heart and zest for laughter is what keeps us going when things get dark.  With a keen an observant eye, Spencer is not only vital to our team but he is a gifted teacher.  There is a strong calm about him that shows all that you can fall cause this big guys gonna catch you.  

Our resident problem solver, Spencer has stepped up to show that he is a responsible caring side kick as well as Barn Manager for one of our boarding locations.  A daunting task for anyone but he has met it with sheer nobility.  He owns the tasks at hand and makes whatever is in front of his his absolute priority.  

Spencer and Mojo are proof that horses choose people.  Mojo has the same zest for life and the same humour.  Together they make an unstoppable team.  The perfect example of what a relationship can be he is always eager to teach the how to get there, in a light, positive approach.   Spencer teaches to work hard and have fun.  His uncanny ability to "panic calmly" is something that we all admire.  It's his zest for life that is electric and those who work with him leave changed, forever, for the better.

About Belle 

The youngest Doyle, she has literally grown up around horses.  I remember her on the back of a big old chestnut wearing a pink helmet and pink crocs.  She would have been about 2.  Always an independent child she is happy to be doing pretty much anything.  Her first love was a big old Yukon pack horse who she called "my Zeus" to her old Grandpa "Kye" today, she has lived with them loving them all as her own.  

A magical girl, her heart is sure and despite things that she has been through, she greets the world with nothing but love and kindness.  A patient and careful teacher, her quiet nature puts adults and children at ease.  Highlight was working a summer camp with Will For Riding Foundation this past summer (2019), which inspired her to create her own Summer Camp Series.  

Those who ride with her will get the chance to see the magic of the horse as well as the world around us

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