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The DH Team

Bryanne Doyle, Owner
(aka Boss Lady, Mumma B or Princess/Queen)

Founded in 2018, Bryanne Doyle, Owner and Director of Operations, developed the DH program as a result of countless clinics with Josh Nichol and seeing first hand the magic that can happen between a horse and a rider.  After years of balancing the art of horsemanship with learning to foster the relationship between horses and clients, DH found its way to what it is today, a safe and responsible place to learn.  

As the Doyle family grows and new adventures are found, Bryanne has taken great pride in finding a DH team that shares her passion and love for what she does.  Believing in changing lives, one horseback ride at a time, Bryanne and the DH team are deeply committed to "Building Equine Connections" and it shows with every interaction, in every lesson and is a way of life for Bryanne.  

Seldom away from her beloved DH, when not working with her clients, staff and horses, Bryanne is a Cricut addict, a self proclaimed master of the "Floss" and crafter.  Above all, she is a proud partner in marriage and business to Kevin for 29 years and counting.  They spend their time with their grown children, Matthew, Spencer and Belle, and love camping, travel and making plans for the future.


Kevin Doyle, Owner

Kevin is the back bone of DH.  His calm and gentle nature makes him a favorite to all riders, young and old.  Kevin is a master at problem solving (and Dad Jokes!) and is tasked with the logistics of life here at DH.  

Kevin does it all! From daily chores to around the clock watches, DH could not run without his willingness to learn how to make horse life the best that it can be.  Not afraid to learn new skills, Kevin has done everything from electrical to construction since DH began.

Working full time in Oil and Gas, Kevin adjusts his day to be home for lessons working with our youngest riders.  

When not supporting DH, Bryanne and his family, Kevin is an avid writer having self published his first novel and has several works in progress.  


Belle Doyle, The Real Boss

Growing up with horses, Belle has a deep connection to animals big and small.  Horses and humans are drawn to her gentle approach in all situations.  A gifted teacher and horsewoman, the clients and staff are all drawn by her knowledge, calmness and overall peace when working with horses.

Belle is the mastermind behind many programs here at DH, planning and creating the course for our half day camps.  Understanding bullying, anxiety and being left out or forgotten has driven Belle to ensure that DH is not only inclusive, but non-comparative and non-critical.  

When Belle is not working at DH, she too is an avid writer, having recently published a book of poetry and is preparing for the release of her next.  


Leanne - Art Director
We met the INCREDIBLE Leanne in 2010 and have been working with her on various endeavors ever since.  Leanne is a major asset to the DH team in ways that can't be described.  Her warm, calm, welcoming nature is unlike any other, she truly lives believing in everything good. 
s a gifted Artisan, when we began to integrate art into our camps, team building and ladies nights, she was glad to join the team...officially and become the DH Art Director.  Everything she touches turns to magic and every encounter leaves you smiling and feeling like you've known her for a lifetime.   
When not horsing around you can find Leanne on the parade route with "The Wildies"
a local parade group that DH is proud to be a part of, to support and participate in.  


Melinda (Mel) Pohlod - Communications Director
First finding her way to DH in the adult lessons, then as a Sidekick for her youngest son in his Littles class, then being a summer camp volunteer, Mel has slowly been spending more and more time around DH.

She's driven and persistent, and eventually she just wouldn't let us not make her part of our team! Having loved and been drawn to horses her whole life, and as a current student at the SAIT School of Business, she feels she has found her "place" at DH -where she is able to connect all the pieces together.

Outside of school and work, her time is spent with her fabulous family - her husband, two young boys and her 1st fur baby (Mojo being her second), as they find adventures to be lived in the great outdoors and around the world.


Hannah - Lesson Lead Assistant
Hannah found DH in 2020 and worked as a volunteer.  Seeing the potential and leadership in Hannah, DH hired her as a lesson assistant and it was one of the best choices that we've made.



Lesson Assistants
Vital to the day to day operation of DH, our Lesson Assistants ensure the safety and smooth running in our lessons. They each bring to DH unique and diverse skill sets, that enhance both rider learning and experience, as well as ensure our horses and riders wellbeing. 






Jr Lesson Assistants
Adding to our dedicated team of  developing leaders, we recently welcomed 3 Jr. Lesson Assistants to our team . Our Jr. Lessons Assistants support our Lesson Assistants by performing ranch chores, catching and bringing in horses, grooming and organizing tack in preparation to create an exceptional riding experience for our riders and our horses.




Alexis B.





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