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Stable Minds Equestrian

Equine Assisted Therapy is a unique form of skill building that utilizes horses to aid individuals with mental health concerns. This approach is effective in helping people improve their communication skills, establish trust, and develop self-awareness. If you're interested in exploring alternative therapy options, SME is definitely worth considering.

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Celina Leek BCYCC CEAL

Celina is the owner, CEO, and head facilitator of Stable Minds Equestrian. Celina grew up on an equine farm in Saskatchewan where she participated in Rodeo and showing Clydesdales. Her love and passion for horses and her desire to help support people led Celina to take her bachelor's of Child Studies, majoring in Child and Youth Care Counselling. Celina works for a not-for-profit in Calgary where she helps support individuals who are involved in the justice system. Through her work in Calgary along with her experience in small towns, she developed a strong passion for helping individuals who are often “missed” or “forgotten about ''. Celina specializes in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, gang involvement, Indigenous relations, criminal justice, Post-Traumatic Stress, grief and loss, addictions, and co-existing conditions. Celina took her Equine Assisted Learning certification and developed a business that allows her to integrate both the power of horses and her strong counselling skills to support individuals.

Celina’s mission: I want to support individuals in a way that is not offered in mainstream social supports. I want to continue to connect with people who have exhausted all other options. I want to offer evidence-based opportunities for youth to reintegrate into their communities, develop a balanced sense of self, and work through their addiction and mental health. I also understand that many adults face these same challenges and want to offer them this support as well. I want to offer a new and exciting way for adults to learn and reflect. I want to help companies develop strong teams and help individuals develop strong personal growth.

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One to One Youth Counselling

SME offers one-to-one youth counselling from a Certified Child and Youth Care Counsellor. A few days after the program there is much more to discuss and explore. Youth can debrief the session further as well as focus on more critical aspects of their life. Counselling is youth-focused and based on a harm reduction approach. Our counsellors work on a Circle of Courage model and incorporate the Zone of Proximal Development.


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Equine Assisted Learning "EAL"

An equine-assisted learning (EAL) program specifically

designed to bring out the best in its participants through horse and teamwork interaction. SME helps people to feel better about themselves, increase their

self-confidence and inspire them to reach their full potential.


SME offers participants a structured curriculum incorporating a

variety of learning and skill development opportunities that are based on specific objectives, immediate outcomes and feedback. Through groundwork with the horse and allowing them to be the teachers, we are able to have a window of opportunity to facilitate the development of skills and change in behaviors.

Participants learn understanding, respect, empathy, communication, negotiation, and focus (just to name a few) as they move through these programs. It is through the horses responding to the human stimulus that we can facilitate change.

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Adult One to One Sessions

SME offers a wide range of mental health support as well as provides youth opportunities to learn life skills in a healthy, safe, and enjoyable environment. 

Adults take on a new and exciting way to strengthen the skills they possess and engage in new ways of using these skills.  Post-program sessions allow adults a safe space to reflect and process, which for adults is usually not easily done on your own.

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