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Meet the DH Pony Patrol!

DH is taking this show on the road.


This unique program that will enable participants to

attend off property events with the DH minis. 

It's an exciting and HUGE honor to be out in the community  bringing the joy of horses,

to those who can’t be around them otherwise. 

We’re partnering with the community to bring our love of horses to

Care Facilities, Corporate & Charity Events,

Birthday Celebrations, the Alberta Children’s Hospital and Parades. 

Something totally different than regular riding! 

Ready to book the Patrol for your event? 


Quick Q&A

What does a typical event look like?

A typical interaction is much like the stand and pat interactions at the Calgary Stampede or other animal showcases. Each DH leader will be handling one of our minis, while introducing them to the public at the locations mentioned above.  Your clients and guests will have the opportunity to chat with us about the importance of rescue animals, as well as have a chance to groom, lead and have photos taken.  Each Mini has their own story and brings something special to be shared! 

Where will you come?

Anywhere we're welcome. We believe in making a difference, giving a smile and sharing the love of horses to anyone who might otherwise not have the opportunity.  So if we can make a difference to your event, support you and put a smile on faces, count us IN!

How will you arrive?  

DH has a bumper pull truck and a 4 horse trailer.  We will need parking that is suitable for maneuvering our rig.  We'll be accompanied by our Pony Patrol volunteer mobile, which a single vehicle that will need be parked right beside or very close to the truck and trailer.  

Are you insured? 

Yes, and we're happy to provide your venue with a certificate naming you as additional insured.

Can we participate?

Absolutely!!  DH will be running several Pony Patrol Certification programs throughout the year.  Please contact us to find out when the training session is scheduled.  It's a 6 week course in which we will teach horse and leader safety, first aid, trailer safety and more.  

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