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Adult group and private lessons are for clients 18+ only. 

Information about lessons for 17 and under can be found on the DH Group Lessons page. 

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A new and exciting division of Discovering the Horse Ltd. has emerged .  Matthew our head trainer, lead clinician has developed this branch of DH and we are thrilled to be a part of his team.  

Matthew has been honing his craft since he was 12 years old.  A passion for horses that has been nurtured by mentors, schooling and determintation his dream of following this exciting path has come. 

The first under 18 to be invited to mentor under Josh Nichol, Matthew has been a part of this program since he was 16.  Matthew continues his journey with Josh on an annual basis, and is now a JN Advanced Instructor.  His commitment never waivering from building his deeper level of connected riding.  

Matthew is an avid trail rider, works with cattle, roping and so much more.  He's the lead wrangler for "The Wildies", a local mounted parade group.  Under his leadership the group travels throughout the Calgary and Cochrane area participating in stand and pat events, rodeos and parades, including the Calgary Stampede Parade.  As wrangler it's Matthew's job to prepare each horse for the unpredicability of these types of situations.  His calm approach to exposing horses pressure and his keen eye for when a horse struggles keeps riders and walkers safe during the events.  

Matthew is currently resident trainer at Smokey Wood Acres, El Caballo, Park Stables and here at DH.  Each location has oppourtunity for training.  If you'd like more information on his style and approach to horsemanship, please
contact us

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