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"Connective Riding"- the DH approach

Everyone at DH starts bareback...with no saddle so we can "hear" the energy and language of the horse.  We learn how to become a partner with a prey animal earning its' trust. 

Our unique riding and classroom approach sets a foundation of knowledge suitable to transfer to any discipline.  Our whole horse approach is perfect for first time riders and experienced riders seeking a deeper connection. We're able produce an equine experience that goes against the grain, making us unique and holistic.  

DH encourages the ebb and flow, of a relaxed teaching atmosphere that is safe, judgement free and outside of the confines of traditional riding approaches or classic certification. Our riders progress at THEIR pace, not a pre-fab, concrete or determined by a "method". What the rider puts in...they get out.  We believe that the natural approach removes comparison, criticism and competition. By removing "pass or fail" levels, the rider is encouraged to find their voice; their inner power.  The results are a greater sense of self, empowerment and awareness.  

Our commitment to you and your child is simple...their worth is not measurable on a predesigned level scale.  Here, their safety and well being is paramount and our top priority. 
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