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Tips on how to dress for the weather

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Winter is here and we're gearing up for cooler temps...we can ride all winter if we are READY!!  Here are the DTH dressing tips for winter riding!! 

The key to keeping warm in winter riding is LAYERS...from the skin out here...are our best suggestions for a warm winter riding season

Wick away - Under Armour or other like products as the first layer keep moisture off the skin.  Many brands are sold most cost effective are Wal-mart and Superstore

Thermal - long underwear (long johns) are a great next step 

Warmth - wool sweater or thick cotton sweat shirt

Outer Shell (option 1) - coveralls/overalls that have a thick, non slip fabric that is also wind resistant. Carhart or Peavy Mart brands are the best we have seen but similar brands can be found. 

Outer Shell (option 2) - syntheic snowsuits excellent for wind/water resistance but 

can be very slippery on the horse.  If using a snowsuit like this then it's highly recommended

to put an old, big pair of jeans over top to prevent slipping...also a great next layer


Head covering - Under Armour head gear will fit under helmets as well as nylon scarves and ski face coverings


Another option is a riding helmet cover.  They can be purchased from tack shops but typically only fit on Tipperary and Troxel Riding helmets.  More pricy but they fit well and

protect against all weather types

Core Shell - a great last layer is to use a puffer vest in a much larger size to go around 

EVERYTHING!  This layer can be shed but is great as the last layer to keep in warmth when riders stop moving and are sitting to ride. 


Hands - small cotton gloves with larger ski/nylon gloves are handy while grooming and getting tack in place...a larger set of mittens to go over top when riding are a great way to keep fingers warm.  Hand warmer packs are a great addition

Feet - pretty much the same as above, wick away, cotton then wool socks in sturdy cold weather rated boots.  "Moon Boots" yep they are available still...are a more pricy addition but offer less traction.  "Hot Hands" toe warmers are an additional way to keep feet warm!

Hope this helps keep riders toasty warm and riding...not a bad itdea to have a warm thermos in the car ready with a nice warm drink for your rider when they head back to the cars. 

Feel free to ask questions at any class...we are MORE than happy to help

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