What is "Connective Riding"? 

Seeing a full spectrum of riding and having a taste of what not to be and what we want to be, we began to see the possibility of what could be.  By being a student of the as many aspects of the horse world, we worked to create a balance of energetic and spiritual honour of the horse with responsible, technical knowledge to create "Connective" Riding.  Our philosophies are full of  possibility for those seeking a different approach to horsemanship.  We build a solid foundation of trust within the relationship between horse and rider.  
DH progressions are at the pace of the rider, they are not pre-fab or concrete.    We believe that the natural approach removes comparisson and competition.  Our commitment to you and your child is simple...their worth is not measuruable on a predesigned level scale.  At DH everyone is encouraged to ebb and flow, come and go and just be.  
Progression happens with understanding and we add aids, tasks and  challenges, always advancing the relationship at the pace-of horse and rider.  Never sacrificing one over the other it's our goal to have a balance between the emotional/energetic connection/spiritual riding with technical understanding and mechanics of how to ride your horse, not just stay on. 
No saddle means we can "hear" the energy of the horse, feel their movement and learn to sit "in" the horse rather then on.    We teach care, grooming, first aid, biomechanics, handling and riding which sets a foundation of knowledge suitable to transfer to any discipline.  Our safe approach to the whole horse is perfect for first time riders and experienced riders seeking a deeper connection.
We work within pillars of space, energy, pressure and mind, as we seek a lesson with meaning both in the "arena" and outside, leading into a peace that leads to improved self care, awareness and love.  
 All dreams are supported here! 


Jr (Beginner) Riders    (ages 3 to 9)

Taught one on one, each rider is paired with a Side Kick that acts as a personal coach, teacher, safety supervisor and friend. 


Our program is customized to their age, ability and style of learning.  Each class consists of grooming, tacking and riding in either the field of arena.  

Foundational riding is mixed with horse knowledge, riding games and techincal elements.  Classes ebb and flow within our four pillars of space, energy, pressure and mind.  We practice elements of care for all aspects of the horse that are easily translated to everyday life.   

DH Youth (Intermediate) Riders   (ages 10 and up)

Taught in a group setting supported with limited Side Kicks on the ground and on horseback.  Designed to be an independant riding class, participants will groom, tack and ride independantly.

Foundational riding with a focus on deeper technical and riding elements. 

Riders may follow our progressions earning saddles and bits.  We work as a team to prepare elements for our year end Rider Showcase that takes place in June of each riding season.  


DH Adult Riders                                         

Still focusing on connection we welcome adults of every level and every experience.  We know what it's like to start over with riding or to feel that this might be "something I've dreamt of trying"  Whatever your story you are welcome here.  Parent and child riding, parent night out, a little me time, the reason is yours and the place is ours.  

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