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It takes but a moment to make a lasting impression on a life.  

Our "Sidekick" program means no one is on the journey alone.  
Sidekicks touch the lives of the rider and leave a lasting impact.  

"I still remember Helen and "Duke"  when I started out, I was TERRIFIED of horses, but Helen knew how to calm my fear and give me access to this amazing life that I never knew existed.  Her patience taught me who I want to be and what I needed more in my life.  I'll never forget her."                                                         
                                                                                                                   - Bryanne DH Owner

Giving the gift of time will change the life of the person that receives it, but for us, it changes us profoundly, leading us down paths we may not have thought existed.  We are always looking for "Sidekicks" to walk with our riders as they learn, Summer camp group leaders and helpers, and team building event attendants.  
Minimum age to be a "Sidekick" is 12 and subject to approval.  Horse experience is needed and all volunteers MUST be willing to learn and teach along the philosophies of DH.  

Volunteers over the age of 18 are subject to police clearances please be sure to ask for details when applying.  

CONTACT US to join the DH volunteer team 



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