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Great folks to know

These people have helped to shape our direction leading us to the very fabric of our program.  Touching our lives in many ways, we owe them a huge debt of gratitude.  Follow the links to learn more about these exceptional, inspirational business' right here in Alberta 

Josh Nichol

Josh Nichol.jpg

Josh has been part of this journey since 2010.  His unique approach to horses has touched the lives of so many.  A gifted teacher and clinician Josh inspires horse and rider to be all they can be we highly recommend you visit his pages and website.  Josh and his team are simply incredible.

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SunnyRaven Designs


Local artisan, seamstress and story teller, Leanne has been a long time friend of DH.  We are thrilled to be showcasing her talents in our Crafty Connections Series, but for those looking for custom work, please contact her today.  Taking regular comissions she is the person to see if you dream of being a Lama for halloween, or you need a personal an unique gift idea for someone special 


Eagle Farrier Service 

Chris Neal.jpg

Any horse owner knows, "No feet. no horse", so when it comes to our horses we turn to a team we trust has their best "foot forward"...sorry for the pun!!

Chris Neal and his team have been providing farrier services to Doyle family horses for nearly a decade and we have come to trust them to meet the needs of DH horses young and old. 

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DoMuch Concepts Inc. 

Do Much.png

Keeping us looking very snazzy!  Our friends at DoMuch Concepts are our GO TO for all our apparel.  They are fast, affrodable and extremely professional.  Another family run business we LOVE that we have this in common.  Proud to support local business' like DH 

Contact them today at

or call 403-512-4213

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Stable Soul Health

ori Website .JPG

Cori has been running a small local yoga studio for over a decade.  Meeting Discovering the Horses over the fence she says she was drawn to the energy of our herd.  We are thrilled that she made her way onto the property and we are excited to be partnering with her to offer stble yoga, date nights and more

Have an idea? Contact Cori


Rafter Six Ranch


Looking for a one of a kind horse trail ride?  DH only recommends our friends at Cowley's Rafter Six Ranch.  From the moment you arrive to the moment you head off into the sunset, you are family.   

Click here to see all they have to offer and be sure to find them on thier social media pages as well 

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