Not your "typical" riding school...

Discovering the Horse is a multifaceted, family run business with over 12 years of teaching experience.  Acting as a partner, we focus on the relationship between horse and human and foster that connection in a safe, judgement free space, perfect for ages 3 and up.  

With the horse as our guide participants are better able to access understanding of self which can awaken self awareness, self care, self love and empowerment. 


Our program has been designed to fit both new riders and established riders seeking a different way, a trust with their horse and a deeper sense of self.  We strive to be a comforting, come as you are facility, without gimmicks and fuss, bringing our best self forward in every interaction.   

We have a passion to help those facing trauma, loss, anxiety, bullying, self esteem issues, eating disorders, stress, using the horse as conduit for wellness and guided self healing.  

Discover your connections today...

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Winter is coming and we have some helpful tips that will help riders and parents get through the upcoming cold months...please click on the snow for the DH family secrets for great clothing!!

Our Core Values