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"Is the girl who survived it all, and walked away with a butterfly and a semicolon." 

(My Words, pg.8)

My Story 

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As many know, I grew up around horses and have lived on a ranch since I was roughly five years old. I had the opportunity to ride horses and teach riding; it was and continues to be a wonderful life that I am very grateful to lead.


 In 2019 however, we moved out from our former location with a falling out that caused young me immense pain and confusion. 

I had never experienced pain to this extent and slipped into a deep depression in 2020. At the time I did not know how to handle the emotions I was experiencing, so I forced myself to shove away what I was feeling and move on. 

Though as many should know, this is an unhealthy strategy and it would fester and explode in unhealthy coping mechanisms. 

In April of 2021 I was able to open up to my parents about what I was experiencing and struggling with, but I was still uncomfortable with vocalizing my issues; I was afraid of judgement, no matter if it was my family, friends, or professionals, I struggled. 

Thankfully, in the last week of grade nine, my teacher had us write a poem, to practice literary devices and have a 'chill' class outside. This was the day I realized I had quite the knack for poetry and wrote the poem 'escapism' (can be read in My Words). Over the summer I continued to write, and write, and write some more. 

Throughout grade ten the same teacher helped me with my poetry, giving me advice and feedback that helped me to gain my confidence to publish my first book in March 2023. 

My family and friends have cheered me on throughout my journey, I could not be more grateful for everyone who played a part in my writing and healing process. 

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My Works 

"Oh little overthinker, it is merely sunset" 
(My Words, pg.17)

My Words: I did not have the power to speak and so I wrote.

My Words is a collection of poetry, separated into three major sections:
Seedling: explores themes of isolation, anxiety, and depression.
Blooming: explores themes of confidence and learning to stand tall in oneself.
Spreading Growth: dives into the dilemmas of the world, highlights societal expectations and the importance of being your own person.

My Words is for anyone who has felt as though they were not seen, or if they felt as though they could not describe the happenings of their mind.

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The World Willl Not End Tomorrow And Neither Should You. 

This book has been written to inspire hope.
Hope that the world will not end therefore nothing is worth ending.
Hope in that you are not alone, and it will be okay, even if it takes time.
Hope in understanding that healing is not linear, and it is okay to experience a bad day, week, year, etc., as long as you keep going and moving forward within yourself.
Hope to comfort everyone who needs to understand healing is not universal, it’s a personal experience.

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My Events

"It's time to grow."
(My Words, pg.78) 


With the coming of 2024, I am happy to announce that this year I will be having poetry nights, book signings, attending fairs, and more all to be posted in the coming months! So ready your calenders and I can't wait to see you! 


Until then, be sure to follow me across my social media platforms: 


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