Crafty Connections

DH has partnered up with SunnyRaven Designs to offer an incredible series of Craft Connections.  

Leanne Landers is a gifted local artisan, seamstress and story teller.  Her talent is nothing compared to her kind and generous sprirt.  A dear friend of everyone at DH, Leanne will be offering craft sessions teaching us how to make Dream Catchers, Talking Sticks, Smudge Feather and Beaded Ornaments.  

Dates - TBA 

Costs will vary according to chosen projects

Please stay tuned for upcoming sessions. dates and costs.  This AMAZING Connection series is on hold due to COVID Regulations...we can't wait for this to LAUNCH!!! 


Dream catcher


Leanne Landers

Artisan, story teller, friend


Handmade medicine bags for DH Summer Camp Kids


Bead work